Conor Pelton High Fives Foundation Signature Soul Pole Interview

Watch and Share the Conor Pelton Interview About the Signature CP High Fives Soul Pole!

With skiing’s progression into steeper terrain, bigger airs, and more technical tricks, the consequences of falling are only getting higher. Conor recognizes and respects this fact every time he steps into his bindings and it’s for this reason he has decided to dedicate proceeds from his pro model to support the High Fives’ mission.

About Soul Poles:

No snow, no ski. That’s the simple fact of climate change and the grim predictions of disappearing alpine snow. The acknowledgment of this trend inspires Soul Pole’s singular focus: Innovate the greenest equipment in the snow sports industry by merging sustainable design with uncompromising performance and truly original style. Founded in 2010, they utilize materials sourced from renewable and recycled resources to build custom bamboo ski poles and accessories here in the USA. They hope to use their socially and environmentally responsible sourcing practices to empower a movement of outdoorswomen and men to plant their soul on hill, in their relationships, communities, and planet. Together, WE are the change. #plantyoursoul

Soul Poles donates $10.00 to the High Fives Foundation from each sale of Conor Pelton’s High Fives Signature Pole.

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Check out Soul Rider Conor Pelton’s profile here.


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