B.A.S.I.C.S. Documentaries #1 (Five Critical Mistakes) and #2 (Avalanche Awareness)

Watch and Share the First Two B.A.S.I.C.S. Documentaries in Preparation of the Fourth Installment, #KnowYourPark

#KnowYourPark Instagram Photo and Video Contest is LIVE!

This social media contest is designed to encourage winter action sports enthusiasts to promote and share their personal photos and videos on Instagram demonstrating safety in ski and snowboard resort terrain parks. The goal of the contest is to engage snow sports lovers and generate excitement for and interest in the Foundation’s B.A.S.I.C.S. #KnowYourPark documentary that will be released worldwide on Thursday, October 16 in Truckee, Calif.

#KnowYourPark is the fourth educational documentary High Fives has produced through its B.A.S.I.C.S. Program Service.

The High Fives Foundation has teamed up with POC for the #KnowYourPark contest. In order to enter, photos and videos must be uploaded to the social media platform Instagram, include a tag: @hi5sfoundation and @pocsports use the hashtag #KnowYourPark, and illustrate one of the five core points to be highlighted in the educational film (these points are listed below). Participants doing so will be entered to win a prize package from POC valued at $480. Each prize package will include a POC Fornix Helmet (MRSP: $160), a POC Lid Goggle (MSRP: $200) and a POC Spine VPD 2.0 Back Protector (MSRP: $120).

It will highlight the following five core values:

• Know Your Terrain Park Conditions

• Know Your Terrain Park Features

• Know Your Terrain Park Progression

• Know Your Terrain Park Protection

• Know Your Terrain Park Etiquette

These core values are the building blocks that the High Fives Foundation is using to educate athletes and promote smart decision-making in the terrain park.

Three separate contest winners will be selected on August 1, September 1 and October 1. All winners will be announced the following day via the High Fives Foundation’s and POC’s respective Instagram accounts.

Last Year @SkiJosh Knew that #HelmetsAreCool and Won Big in the Instagram Contest!

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In addition to the contest this year, High Fives will release five, 15-second, film preview videos via the Foundation’s Instagram account and Vimeo and YouTube channels to illustrate the five core values featured in the film. Previews will be released on July 1st and 15th; August 1st and 15th; and September 1st.

“This year, High Fives is on a mission to document and educate winter sports enthusiasts about all aspects of skiing and riding in modern day terrain parks,” said Roy Tuscany, executive director of the High Fives Foundation. “We have identified five core values that encourage smart decision-making and safety as a way to prevent injury when having fun in the terrain park.”

The High Five Foundation’s B.A.S.I.C.S. (Be. Aware. Safe. In. Critical. Situations), program service is designed to promote safety and awareness through world-class fundamentals coaching, education and video presentations to winter action sports enthusiasts of all ages.

By working with POC, the High Five Foundation’s B.A.S.I.C.S. program aims to raise awareness about inherent risks and rewards of skiing and riding within the terrain park. The goal of this campaign is simple; promote terrain park skiing and riding with an emphasis on smart decision-making.

Follow the High Fives Foundation and POC on Instagram at:


• Instagram.com/POCSports

Learn more about the B.A.S.I.C.S. Program Service and stay tuned for more information on the upcoming documentary #KnowYourPark at www.basics.highfivesfoundation.org.

The video documentary is supported by these companies and ski resorts: Volkl SkisMarker BindingsSmith Optics, SNOCRURome SnowboardsGoProSugarbush ResortSquaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

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