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The Boston Bruins Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that assists charitable organizations that demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for children throughout New England. The Foundation provides grants to organizations that meet the standards of its mission, concentrating on academics, athletics, community outreach and health. We believe that focusing and developing these four areas in children’s lives creates a solid foundation, strong support system and ultimately leads them to be an impactful member of their community.

Nothing is more important to a child’s future than education and the Boston Bruins Foundation is committed to helping children achieve academic success. To do this, the Foundation endorses programs that employ unique methodologies for children who not only learn well conventionally but also unconventionally. The Foundation seeks to support programs that provide homework assistance, a safe learning environment to develop social and learning skills and a challenging environment for children to discover their own special talents.

Athletic participation benefits children by fostering physical fitness, learning the importance of working together, and what can be accomplished with hard work. The Boston Bruins Foundation believes athletics can enrich the lives of children by removing boundaries and bringing together people of diverse backgrounds with similar interests. Athletics teach children how understand times of adversity and how to tackle problems head on with fairness and strength.

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The Boston Bruins Foundation Improves the Quality of Life of Children in the New England Area (Photo Credit: Boston Bruins Foundation)

Another primary focus of the Boston Bruins is reaching out to the community. The Boston Bruins Foundation takes to heart its mission of ‘enhancing the quality of life for children in our community.’ Our outreach extends to organizations that are dedicated to working with at-risk or troubled youth, improving the self-esteem of children and developing our leaders of tomorrow. This area assists organizations that provide after-school activities to keep youth active, while exposing them to programs outside of a classroom curriculum.

The final focus of the Boston Bruins Foundation is the health of the children in our community. The City of Boston and the entire New England region boast some of the world’s preeminent hospitals and medical centers. The Foundation’s proximity to these centers enable us to support a variety of organizations involved in research, care and prevention of health concerns of our children.

It is through the support and generosity of the Boston Bruins fans, season ticket holders, and corporate partners that the Boston Bruins Foundation is able to continue our ongoing mission of helping children throughout New England.

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100 Legends Way
Boston, MA 02114
Employer Identification Number: 020-0172439

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