High Fives Joins Everything Hunky Dory at Wanderlust Squaw!

A Special Letter from Lauren Hickey (Chief FUN Maker – Everything Hunky Dory)

The High Fives Foundation is excited and honored to partner with Everything Hunky Dory (located in the Village at Squaw Valley) with an awesome booth for the Wanderlust Festival at Squaw Valley (July 17-20)!

Thank you to Lauren Hickey for the inspirational blog post (below) and the opportunity to spread the mission and vision of the High Fives Foundation at Wanderlust! Read Lauren’s letter on the Everything Hunky Dory blog here.

Everything Hunky Dory (Located in the Village at Squaw Valley) Will Be the Place to Be at Wanderlust! (Photo Credit: Everything Hunky Dory)

“A year ago working under the Hunky Dory pink tent during Wanderlust– a parade of friends stopped by with the same message; please take care of yourself. As we tie dyed and crafted they enjoyed our shade before moving on to the next yoga activity. Not before begging me to come; relax, take a break, slow down and most of all join them in some yoga.

We should all take care of ourselves. And I am lucky, luckier then most because I live in a town full of people that look out for me. In 1997 I experienced a traumatic brain injury. I choose the word experience because life is full of different experiences- some you can’t get enough of like chocolate and ice cream and some you should never repeat like my head injury.

So as we approach Wanderlust I looked back and one thing was clear the attendees were here to stretch not craft. So this year I am honoring my friends and family who always ask me to slow down and take care of myself. I am going to honor my injury, my recovery and myself.

Everything Hunky Dory is going to join forces with High Fives Foundation from July 17th to July 20th. To celebrate the recovery of injured athletes; it is not the end but the beginning of a new journey.

High Fives has been stepping in and supporting athletes who have suffered life-altering injuries in our community since 2010. The foundation provides everything from financial support to emotional support. What the team does is nothing short of magic. When your life is upside down; High Fives helps you develop a road map to recovery. So while I am breathing, stretching and honoring my recovery I hope yogis stop by the High Fives booth in front of Everything Hunky Dory and meet the crew. We will have a graffiti wall so you can leave your handprint and the name of an injured athlete that has inspired you. Looking for inspiration? Meet a High Five athlete they will give you the power to get moving.

A huge thanks to the High Five Foundation team who been hustling in our community to support athletes when the spotlight is not on but the work still needs to be done.” – Lauren Hickey

High Fives Booth Hours

Thursday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm

Sunday: 10-3pm

Everything Hunky Dory Studio Hours

Thursday: 11- 6pm

Friday: Sat 4- 9pm

Sunday: noon- 6pm

Look for the High Fives Booth – Located Outside Everything Hunky Dory at Wanderlust Squaw (Photo Credit: Everything Hunky Dory)

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