Meet Geof Ochs from High Fives Five for Fives Partner SYNC!

For those readers out there not familiar with you and SYNC, can you give them a quick overview of what it is that you do?

GO: Hiyaaa!!! My name is Geof Ochs, and I am the Director of Marketing and Communications at SYNC Performance. A Colorado transplant, I grew up skiing in central Vermont before racing at the NCAA level. After college, I moved out West and haven’t looked back!

Founded in 2014, SYNC focuses on authentic athletic performance, responding to the needs of the mountain athlete, and more specifically, the alpine ski racer. Understanding the unique demands of the alpine ski-racing world, we develop products that maximize performance both on and off the hill. We design and test our products for 150 days on snow each year, and are confident that they suit the needs of the casual skier as well!

How did you get involved with the High Fives Foundation? 


GO: My relationship with the High Fives Foundation began at SIA. From the moment I was introduced to High Fives, I had a respect for their mission, their team of driven individuals, and their high stoke for the ski industry and lifestyle. I truly believe in the like-mindedness of SYNC and High Fives, as both organizations are fueled by an excitement that comes from working with athletes. This similar train of thought became the foundation of our relationship.

How does your company support High Fives? 

GO: SYNC began working with High Fives through the ‘Five for Fives’ program. While we recognized this was a great way to get our feet wet, we knew there potential for more. Each year, we’ve built a stronger partnership through increasing our involvement, from Ski-A-thons to the Military to the Mountains program. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next. Stay tuned!

What is your favorite High Fives Memory?

GO: HANDS DOWN – experiencing the Military to the Mountains program. This year was the first time I’ve traveled to Squaw for the event and had the opportunity to experience it first hand. I could not have been more proud to be a part of the program.

During the event, I had the chance to ride up the Roundhouse lift at Alpine Meadows with Trey Humphries and Trevor Kennison. We had just gotten a foot and a half of fresh snow. Can you imagine a foot and half of powder in a sit-ski!?! Both High Fives athletes were charging down the mountain, arcing GS turns, while getting ridiculous FACE SHOTS on each turn! I was not only impressed, but also so moved that these two guys didn’t let their injuries inhibit them from experiencing the stoke that comes from a day in powder. High fives boys!

What does High Fives mean to you?

GO: To me, High Fives is the way you present, fulfill, and walk about your life. It’s not just an organization, but the stoke you carry from overcoming adversity, excelling at something you love, and working to be a better version of yourself each and every day.

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You were just a part of the Military to the Mountains Program. How did that impact you?

GO: Wow. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact feeling, but being present throughout the entire program gave me an opportunity to better understand the fight that these veterans continue fighting every day. This was super powerful. The idea of #onetribeonefight – we are in this together – was something I came out of the experience holding close to the chest. 

While I may never be able to truly feel what these guys and gals are feeling, I now know how I can support them in their mission to be independent and successful in a sport that has made such an impact on my own life.

THE CALL OUT! What other company do you think should get involved with the Five for Fives program?

GO: C4 belts! Jason at C4 is amazing to work with and their product is SYNC approved!

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