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High Five #HighFivesAthlete Joanna Adams for achieving her first of five Arcade Belt Goals!

Joanna completed her goal, and is very excited to keep knocking down goals revolving around kayaking in the Arcade X High Fives Goal Belt Program. Her next goal is to show other adaptive Athlete’s that kayaking is a fun sport for individuals of all ability and injury level.

  1. GOAL 1 – To compete in the kayak division of the US Bank Pole Peddle Paddle race in Bend, OR (5/20/2017)
  2. GOAL 2 – Invite/make a way for newly injured individuals to use an adaptive kayak
  3. GOAL 3 – TBD
  4. GOAL 4 – TBD
  5. GOAL 5 – TBD

Meet Joanna!

Joanna was snowboarding at Mount Hood with her boyfriend at the time of her injury. Unfortunately, the conditions made the snow very icy that day. Joanna was going too fast for her skill level and ended up inadvertently vaulting off a snow covered rock, upsetting her balance enough that she crashed on her back. She immediately felt a sharp pain but kept tumbling over and over. When Joanna finally came to a stop she was on her back, and couldn’t feel below her waist. She had previously trained as an EMT and knew immediately that she was paralyzed.

Hailing from the beautiful state of Oregon, Joanna has always been a very active person, and that didn’t stop fallowing her spinal cord injury. Joanna’s first goal in the Arcade X High Fives Goal Belt Program was to participate in the US Bank Pole Peddle Paddle Kayak race in Bend, OR. The kayak that Joanna planned to use was provided by a High Fives Empowerment Grant.


These goals are achieved as a part of the Arcade Goal Belt Program which was established as an initiative that guides athletes through the complex recovery process after a life-altering injury.

The belt program, which is similar to a karate belt system, rewards High Fives athletes with an Arcade belt containing a new gold star for each milestone achieved. This framework is designed to provide clarity, support, competition and inspiration for others as these athletes work to rebuild their lives.


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