GOAL BELT PROGRAM | Sally Francklyn

High Five #HighFivesAthlete Sally Francklyn for achieving two of her five Arcade Belt Goals!

Sally found a job, and so far she has no complaints. GREAT JOB SALLY!

  1. GOAL 1 – Focus on skiing stronger (COMPLETED on 4/26/2017)
  2. GOAL 2 – To find an enjoyable new job (COMPLETED on 8/16/2017)
  3. GOAL 3 – TBD
  4. GOAL 4 – TBD
  5. GOAL 5 – TBD

Meet Sally!

Sally took a 1,000 foot vertical fall on a steep couloir outside the area boundry of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which resulted in the following injuries: A T-10 burst fracture, skull fracture, traumatic brain injury, ankle fracture and right side hemiplegia.
Prior to her 2012 injury, Sally worked as a journalist in the ski industry – a position that took years of experience. Maintaining a job that she enjoys has always been a priority for Sally, and her most recent goal in the Arcade X High Fives Goal Belt Program reflected that.

These goals are achieved as a part of the Arcade Goal Belt Program which was established as an initiative that guides athletes through the complex recovery process after a life-altering injury.

The belt program, which is similar to a karate belt system, rewards High Fives athletes with an Arcade belt containing a new gold star for each milestone achieved. This framework is designed to provide clarity, support, competition and inspiration for others as these athletes work to rebuild their lives.


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