Happy 21st Birthday to Jason Craig!

High Fives Athlete, Jason Craig Enjoying the Flow on the Skookumchuck River (Photo Courtesy: Jason Craig)

#HighFivesAthlete Jason Craig is Spending Hist 21st Birthday (7/26) Kayaking in the Pacific Northwest!

The High Fives Foundation is proud of Reno, NV resident Jason Craig on returning to kayak the Skookumchuk River in Brithish Columbia, Canada! Check out Jason video from the “Skooks” nearly eight years ago:

Jason found his passion in paddling at a young age and traveled around the globe as a profession kayaker. At 16 he won the 2009 Freestyle Kayaking World Championships in Thun, Switzerland. On March 20th, 2011 while out running a 30’ waterfall he landed on a submerged rock and shattered his sacrum, burst fractured L4, L5, and suffered neurological compression and severage. Now he is working hard to hike out of the Zambezi, ski powder, boulder in Bishop, and run the high Sierra multi-day classics once again.

Learn more about Jason via his Winter Empowerment page.

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