#HighFivesAthlete Jason Abraham joins the High Fives Foundation in Santa Cruz for the 2nd adaptive surf camp hosted by the foundation this year!


My life is legitimately changed because of this trip. Knowing that the simple pleasure of being in the ocean, is a reality again enables my family and I to take a new approach to travel and adventure. Finding forms of independence and activities I can participate in with my family is what it’s all about for me.



On April 9th 2015, Jason Abraham was skiing at Squaw Valley with the Gaffney Brothers and a bunch of local skiers on one of the lone powder days of the year. Abraham was capturing pictures of the crew when he decided to take a run on Main Chute on the Palisades. Upon entering the chute, he picked up speed quick and came out of the run very fast. Toward the bottom of the chute, Abraham caught an edge and was projected on his back. The impact resulted a spinal dislocation at the C6/7 level, causing temporary paralysis from the shoulders down.

In the years following his injury, along with being the best husband/father he can be, Abraham has searched for adaptive outlets that he could enjoy with his family.

Along with his supporting wife, Kate, Abraham is father to Ebbett, one of the more athletically gifted 6-year-old’s on the planet. After receiving the call to attend High Five the Wave Santa Cruz Adaptive Surf Camp, the family packed up their van and headed South. Prior to his injury, Abraham would frequent Santa Cruz for surf trips, so he and his family were excited to get back in the familiar waters of the infamous Pleasure Point surf break.


The first few days of the camp provided fairly small waves, and Abraham was able to get his sea bearings under him, while his son Ebbett got a feel for the ocean. It wasn’t until day four that Abraham was able to surf substantial waves with the High Fives Crew.

Abraham and his family weren’t the only one’s who were positively affected by him catching waves.


Day four saw Abraham putting in a marathon session catching waves with High Fives peers, along with supportive Santa Cruz locals.

The large smile painted on Abraham’s face from reestablishing his love for surfing coupled with successfully introducing his son to the ocean surely made High Five the Wave Santa Cruz a massive success.

One of my finest moments being a part of the High Fives Foundation was paddling back out into the lineup and watching Abro catch a bomb inches from me. I thought the massive wave was going to crash on top of my head, but I didn’t care, I was too busy cheering on my buddy. That’s what these surf camps are all about!


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