Inured World Tour Finalist aided by California-based High Fives Foundation towards spinal cord injury recovery following ski injury in Whistler Canada

Empowerment Grant awarded for specialized Neuro Psychology Sessions at Summit Neuro

22-year-old Park City resident, Jamie Crane-Mauzy, crashed in her second run of the World Tour Finals in Whistler Canada in April 2014. Her injury caused a traumatic brain injury. She’s in the process of making a full-recovery, including returning to skiing last winter.

With an Empowerment Grant from the High Fives Foundation, Mauzy will train with sessions of Neuro Pschology Sessions at Summit Neuro in Park City.

“I’m so stoked to be back with my friends in the mountains, and it truly wouldn’t have been possible without your support!” said Mauzy.

“Every single day Jamie is improving and reaching new goals in her recovery,” saidRoy Tuscany, Executive Director of High Fives Foundation. “In the past year she has returned to some of her favorite things in the world; hiking, surfing, and most importantly, skiing.”

In the month of May alone, the High Fives Foundation granted $37,186 to 11 High Fives Athletes.


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