17-year-old #HighFivesAthlete and Craig Hospital outpatient, Georgiana Burnside, found herself “channeling the topknot” into a headstand on a paddle board!

Hard to believe that one year earlier she was injured in a ski accident with a T12/L1 spinal cord injury, unable to move her legs. Keep up the great work!

“I can’t believe I can stand on my head longer than I can on my own two feet!”–Georgiana Burnside

While skiing a double black diamond at Snowmass last Spring, Georgiana hit a rogue patch of ice misdirecting her off a large drop on the side of the trail. After dropping 50 feet or so,Georgiana landed on her back and slid to a stop. That is where she discovered that she couldn’t move her legs.

Georgiana was flown directly to Craig Hospital where she underwent surgery to repair her spine. Following surgery, she was told that she had suffered a T12/L1 spinal cord injury.

“Try to surround yourself with people who will be there when it rain, not just when it shines.”


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