High Fives Founder | Roy Tuscany | A New Kind of Adaptive Camp

High Fives Founder, Roy Tuscany shares his thoughts on High Fives newest adaptive camp!


As the High Fives Foundation continues to grow, we’re always looking at more ways to bring positive opportunities to the athletes served by the Empowerment Program. In 2016, we’ve ramped up a new platform: adaptive camps. Most recently, we’ve added adaptive fly fishing to our list of adaptive alpine ski race camps, adaptive surf camps, adaptive water-ski and adaptive rock climbing.

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Working with two other amazing organizations, Access Unlimited and Craig Hospital, we were able to bring six adaptive athletes to Dillon, Montana to experience fly fishing with world-class guides. This was the first time fishing for everyone since their injuries.

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#HighFivesAthletes Jocelyn Judd, Tim Burr, Jason Abraham, Jasmin Bambur, Jesse Alberi and I experienced the thrill of catching and releasing fish in the beautiful backdrop of the Big Hole River watershed of Montana. Alongside experts from Andreson & Platt Fly Fishing Shop, Hyde Boats, and Perfect Drift Outfitters we all had amazing break-throughs on the water.

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We fished four days. We all caught fish, but more importantly, we all caught huge smiles. This is the positivity that builds our High Fives family. We progressed from fishing the ponds and streams of the Big Hole C4 Lodge into a full day on both the Big Hole River and Beaverhead River.

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The trip was full of unforgettable moments for everyone. Jason Abraham caught a BIG fish with his son. Tim Burr netted an 18″ fish with Donnie Wackerman. Matt Leonard wore the biggest smile after reeling in a big one. Jocelyn floated and guided her own personal drift boat. Jasmin caught a dozen fish in one day. We gifted an Action Track Chair to Jesse Alberi, and all the while I got to watch athletes step outside of their comfort zone to take on new challenges. All amazing things. All positive growth.

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With these camps we are creating more opportunities for athletes to break down walls by empowering them with world-class coaching so they can participate in any sport that they desire.  There is so much more to come.

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