High Fives X Arcade Belt goal complete | Joanna Adams

High Five #HighFivesAthlete Joanna Adams for achieving her fifth Arcade Belt Goal!

On October, 31 2018 #HighFivesAthete Joanna Adams completed her final (5th). High Fives X Arcade Belt goal of overnight camping on her kayak.

Kayaking was a huge passion of Joanna’s prior to her 2009 injury sustained in a Mt. Hood snowboard accident, and through hard work and help from the High Fives Foundation, she has rediscovered her passion. While she achieved her goal, it wasn’t an easy task.

It was a beautiful, but a very cold day. My kayak with the outriggers is super stable so I didn't feel any more tippy than usual. We weren't able to pack a full size tent but if we end up going in the summer time we can probably get away without one. It was super fun!

said Joanna


These goals are achieved as a part of the Arcade Goal Belt Program which was established as an initiative that guides athletes through the complex recovery process after a life-altering injury.

The belt program, which is similar to a karate belt system, rewards High Fives athletes with an Arcade belt containing a new gold star for each milestone achieved. This framework is designed to provide clarity, support, competition and inspiration for others as these athletes work to rebuild their lives.



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