In the World of Waco

Adventure back with us to the heart of Texas at Waco Surf, one of the largest inland surfing and watersports facilities in the country.

Photos by Alpine Media House

When it comes to learning the ropes and progressing quickly at surfing, there’s no better spot than Waco. It’s totally surreal to be able to select a perfectly curated wave depending on skill level like The Coaster, The Point, or The Wedge, and catch one practically every 90 seconds. The improvements in technique and confidence that are possible in just a couple days in the wave pool feel equivalent to spending an entire summer practicing in the ocean.

Video by Alpine Media House

At the 3rd annual Waco Surf camp, we had 17 High Fives athletes, 68% first time experiences, at this epic surf destination. Getting new and aspiring surfers into the water is one of the most rewarding things we can do. Surfing heals all wounds, and sharing a party wave with your friends is unlike any other feeling.

“Our time at Waco surf is such a unique experience. Because the environment is so controlled, every wave is perfect. This allows ever surfer to increase their skills exponentially in one day. Without a doubt, my favorite moment of our two days at Waco was when Alex Duff finally stood up on a surf board. He has been practicing this skill for years and since his injury, it has been a huge goal for him to get upright on two feet on a surfboard. Wave after wave, he would get so close and then fall at the right second. Finally, all the stars aligned, and he stood up and caught the wave. Everyone went absolutely ballistic! I was cheering and crying and laughing all at once. That was a moment when you could feel the energy of our entire Ohana, celebrating Alex’s victory. Pure stoke.” – Dani Trujillo, Director of Programs at High Fives Foundation

Thank you to our friends at Waco Surf for making these experiences possible, as well as our staff, volunteers, and athletes. We can’t wait for more surfing in 2024!