Jocelyn Judd Receives Largest Board-Approved Grant to Date!

High Fives Athlete, Jocelyn Judd (Photo Courtesy: Jocelyn Judd)

The High Fives Foundation Awards its Largest Winter Empowerment Grant to Date in May 2014 to Jocelyn Judd

In May 2014, the High Fives Foundation disbursed a board-approved grant for $25,000.00 to Washington native, Jocelyn Judd. This marks the single largest grant to date, to a Winter Empowerment Athlete since the Foundation’s inception in 2009. 

In 2014 the High Fives Foundation set a budget of disbursing $196,000.00 via board-approved grants through the Winter Empowerment Fund. Thus far in 2014, ten High Fives Athletes and two organizations have been awarded a sum of 13 board-approved grants for a total of $96,488.29 

Hearing about the organization through the ski industry, Jocelyn Judd reached out to the High Fives Foundation on April 29, 2014 from the ICU at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center following her April 19, 2014 ski injury sustained at Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, WY. Jocelyn suffered paralysis at the C5 vertebra level along with dislocating and fracturing her right hip after over-rotating a backflip on her last run of the season at the Wyoming ski resort.

The Judd Family, working along side social workers, were told by Jocelyn’s insurance company that only 22 days of physical therapy would be covered by her plan. This left the Judd Family less than optimistic in Jocelyn’s admission to the world renown Spinal Center, Craig Hospital in Englewood, CO. Upon hearing this news, the High Fives Foundation contacted Craig Hospital, negotiated a deal and provided a Board approved grant for $25,000 to be used toward the admissions deposit.

May Winter Empowerment Grant for Jocelyn Judd: $25,000.00 (Healing Network – 38 Days at Craig Hospital In-Patient Rehabilitation in Englewood, CO: $25,000.00 with $25,000.00 matched by Judd Family to cover $50,000.00 admissions deposit)

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