Military to the Mountains Athlete Highlight | Trey Humphrey

Reno, NV | United States Marine Corps


On Nov. 9, 2010, Trey Humphrey, who lives in east Reno and attended the University of Nevada from 2001-05 before joining the Marines, stepped on an improvised explosive device while helping a wounded Marine to safety. Humphrey was blown high into the air, his right leg eviscerated below the knee, before falling into the crater of the explosion. At that moment, his world began to move in slow motion.

Almost immediately following Humphrey’s injury, he set the goal of getting back out into the beautiful Tahoe Mountains where he learned to ski at the age of 2. As soon as doctors cleared him, Humphrey tracked down a monoski and headed to the hills. Just a few short years later Humphrey was one of the best in the world, competing in World Cup events and even the X-Games.
“I just got in a monoski because it was the quickest avenue for me to get back out on the hill,” said Humphrey. “Then I got really good at it quicker than I expected, so I just stuck with it.”
Photo Credit: Geofrey Ochs  of Sync Performance Ski Apparel 
As an accomplished skier, originally acting as a coach for the rest of the Military to the Mountains Crew, during the meet and greet breakfast Humphrey came up with a brilliant idea – Take this opportunity to learn how to stand and ski.
“4-tracking (skiing with both legs with outriggers) has always been something that I’ve wanted to do,” said Humphrey. ” It’s a lot easier with the kids, and there’s a lot less stuff to carry around.”
As a world class athlete, 4-tracking on day one couldn’t have come easier to Humphrey. His first run on Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows‘ Subway lift came easy, as he skied from top to bottom with no hesitation. Humphrey now has two modalities of sliding down snow.
The second ski day of Military to the Mountains was struck with less than desirable weather, so the Military to the Mountains Crew changed plans and headed to the indoor action sports instructional facility Woodward Tahoe.

After progressing in the roller park on his mono-ski, Humphrey got the idea to take it off the ramp into the facilities foam pit. No one expected to see what Humphrey did into the foam pit.

Photo Credit: Chris Bartowski of Generikal Designs
“I didn’t even expect to go upside down, it just felt right when I hit the transition,” said Humphrey. “I’ve done back flips into an airbag before, so it felt really comfortable.”
Following his heroics into the foam pit, Humphrey was surprised with a text from one of his ski idols Tanner Hall.
Hall writes: “Yes Trey! If you wanna go stomp that backie out into some pow soon, let me know and I can get a crew together and a snowmobile for you to use.”
Humphrey plans to attempt his backflip on snow as soon as the recent Tahoe storm passes.
Military to the Mountains: Injured United States Military Veterans are provided the opportunity to train at a 9-week program at the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, Texas and Paralympic Sport in Reno, Nevada preparing for a week of skiing at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, instructed by Achieve Tahoe Adaptive Ski Program – 100% fueled and inspired by the High Fives Foundation. Learn more at

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