Military to the Mountains Athlete Highlight | WILL HOYUM

Military to the Mountains Athlete Highlight | Will Hoyum

Keller, TX | United States Army

Will Hoyum is a retired US Army Sergeant who was paralyzed from the chest down, while serving with the 82nd Airborne Division in Ghazni, Afghanistan in the summer of 2012. 3 years following his injuries he was introduced to the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) in Dallas, Texas.
Hoyum has a background in adrenaline and that has not slowed down in the least following his accident. He has since become widely known as the risk taker out of the ATF crew. The Military to the Mountains trip to Lake Tahoe following a 9-week training program at the Dallas facility was right up Hoyum’s ally.
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“I participated in last years’ program and learned a lot,” said Hoyum. “I’m really looking forward to skiing more independently this year. I eventually want skiing to become a huge part of my life”
After much anticipation, Hoyum finally hit the hill at Alpine Meadows and he was full throttle from the start. With a quick practice run on the bottom of the run, he was ready to hit the Subway lift in his fresh new Sync hooded sweatshirt.
By lunchtime, Hoyum had already taken seven runs with the Achieve Tahoe instructors on both the Subway and Meadows lifts at Alpine Meadows.
“Last season I skied 30 unassisted meters,” said Hoyum. “This year I skied almost 200! I’m starting to get it, this is amazing!”
The second ski day of Military to the Mountains was struck with less than desirable weather, so the Military to the Mountains Crew changed plans and headed to the indoor action sports instructional facility Woodward Tahoe.
Initially the cancelled ski day was viewed with a sigh by the crew, including Hoyum who wanted to get back out on the slopes of Alpine Meadows. Those sighs were quickly replaced by smiles when the staff at Woodward Tahoe were nice enough to progress the crew to the point where they hit the facilities ramp into the foam pit. Hoyum and the rest of the Military to the Mountains participants spirits were not dampened in the least by the tempestuous Tahoe weather.
Military to the Mountains: Injured United States Military Veterans are provided the opportunity to train at a 9-week program at the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, Texas and Paralympic Sport in Reno, Nevada preparing for a week of skiing at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, instructed by Achieve Tahoe Adaptive Ski Program – 100% fueled and inspired by the High Fives Foundation. Learn more at
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