Mobo Law Adaptive Boat Day on Lake Tahoe

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Lake Tahoe Adaptive Boat Day In partnership with Mobo Law, Palisades Development in Olympic Valley and Pacos!

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8 High Fives Athletes arrived at the High and Dry Marina in Tahoe City for a day of boating on Lake Tahoe. Waiting for their arrival was 4 high-end surf and ski boats, generously donated for the day by some amazing Tahoe businesspeople.

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After a quick introduction, safety brief, and High Five, the Athletes loaded boats, with adaptive water-skis and surfboards in tow.

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Jason Abraham, or Abro as he is usually called, had a new toy he was eager to get out and try. Abro loaded his Bellyak, a forward-facing stomach kayak, into the boat and was quick to get into the water and try to find a way to “surf” a boat wake. Initially, he held onto the rope but had no luck getting into the pocket of the wave. After a quick re-evaluation, the rope was tied to the front of the board so Abro could use his arm to get balanced on the Bellyak. After a few, very close attempts, Abro got into the pocket and was finally able to wake surf! With a big smile on his face, Abro showed everyone involved the true meaning of the adaptive spirit.

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A huge Thank You and High Five out to those who donated their time and boats to get High Fives Athletes on the water. Rich Molsby from Mobo Law, Vince Sosnkowski of Palisades Development in Olympic Valley, Russel Hanby, and Cody of Pacos bike shop.

I loved Adaptive Wake Surfing for the first time! Couldn't be more grateful for the kind humans of Mobo Law & The High Fives Foundation for making The Adaptive Boat Day happen!

Jason Abraham, #HighFivesAthlete

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