Rise Up: Grant Korgan

Grant Korgan at the South Pole
Grant Korgan at the South Pole

High Fives Foundation Athlete and media guru, Sally Francklyn interviewed Grant Korgan (also a High Fives Athlete) regarding his incredible journey to the South Pole…

Grant Korgan is a pusher. On March 5, 2010, he suffered a spinal cord injury in a snowmobiling accident in the Sierra Nevada backcountry. He fractured his L1 vertebrae and awoke in the hospital with no feeling from his waist down. Over the next several years, through extensive physical therapy and a lot of determination and hard work, Korgan has gone from a wheelchair to assisted walking and now he can feel down to his knees. He hasn’t let his injury stop him from doing the things he loves. In 2012, he set out to become the first adaptive athlete to reach the South Pole in a sit-ski for a documentary called “The Push.” I spoke to him about how his injury has changed his life, in many ways for the better.

Read the entire interview here:  https://xgames.espn.go.com/skiing/article/9926125/sit-skier-grant-korgan-pushed-way-antarctica


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