Thank You To Fulsend for Raising over $1,500 at the “Saturday Night Ride” Fundraiser

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The #JustSendIt High Fives | Fulsend T-shirt Made its Debut at the “Saturday Night Ride” Fundraiser (Photo Courtesy: Fulsend)

High Fives to Evan Beller of Fulsend for Raising over $1,500 at the “Saturday Night Ride” Fundraiser!

On Saturday, June 7, 2014 Fulsend (Apparel and Lifestyle Company)  hosted a launch party and benefit event for the High Fives Foundation at Johnny Utah’s South Norwalk (Norwalk, CT). 

Attendees at this exciting event helped further the mission of the Foundation by donating to join the open bar, ride the mechanical bull and take home spectacular prizing in the silent auction. The High Fives Foundation would like to thank Evan Beller (founder of Fulsend), Johnny Utah’s South Norwalk ($500 donation) and all that supported the Foundation!

View the photo album from the “Saturday Night Ride” HERE!

The High Fives Foundation interviewed Evan Beller of Fulsend to shed some light on his efforts and his cool company:

High Fives (HF): What is Fulsend and how did it come to fruition as a company?

Evan Beller (EB): Fulsend is a lifestyle apparel brand that embodies the active spirit found in action sports athletes. The Fulsend (Full-Send) name comes from the phrase “Send It” commonly used by action sports athletes when they are pushing themselves to try a new jump, trick or difficult maneuver. We make high quality products that will stand up to the punishment our athletes dish out, but, also are super comfortable and stylish around town. The company started when I wanted to create a brand that was not just geared towards one particular sport. Instead, I wanted to develop a brand that brings athletes together regardless of their sport of choice.

(HF): How / when did you first hear about the High Fives Non-Profit Foundation

(EB): I am an avid skier and have always been a fan of CR Johnson and his skiing. A friend that I used to ski with was good friends with CR and along with many others we were both deeply saddened by his passing. I first heard about the High Fives Non-Profit Foundation when the CR Johnson Healing Center was created.

(HF): What parallels do you see between the High Fives Foundation and Fulsend?

(EB): When I was 18 years old I was hit by a truck while cycling a few miles from my home…I was in the ICU for three days, but, I was very lucky! I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for the work that the High Fives Foundation does to raise money and awareness as well as for the athletes they are helping. I strongly believe that there is a bond formed between all action sports athletes and the commitment and confidence they share to excel at these sports is even more important when recovering from an injury.

(HF): Tell us about the “Saturday Night Ride” fundraiser event. What were some highlights?

(EB): The “Saturday Night Ride” fundraiser event was a new, exciting way to bring awareness to the great work done by the High Fives Foundation. We gathered a diverse array of silent auction items such as snowboards, skateboards, helmets and goggles as well as chocolates from a local restaurant and gift certificates from a nearby hair salon and indoor climbing gym. There was a great turnout of people showing their support of both High Fives and Fulsend! The mechanical bull provided endless laughs and cheers from the crowd as people attempted to ride as long as they could before being thrown to the padded mat beneath them. Local News 12 even came down with a camera crew and reporter to cover the event…the piece they did aired several times and the news anchor prompted listeners to check out The High Fives Foundation as well as Fulsend.

(HF): Where do you see Fulsend and High Fives collaborating again in the future?

(EB): The success of the “Saturday Night Ride” will surely make it an annual event. I have #justsendit tees for men and tank tops for women that are co-branded with the High Fives and Fulsend logos for sale on 100% of the net proceeds from these shirts will be donated to High Fives. In addition to that I am working on planning skateboard and wakeboard events that will spread awareness of the work that the High Fives Foundation does.

(HF): Any websites or social media channels that you’d like to share regarding Fulsend?

(EB): is our website and you can keep track of our day to day activities by following “Fulsend” on Instagram or Facebook…our Twitter handle is @fulsendapparel


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