Beartooth Summer Session – 2014 Rubber Ducky Backflip-Off – Skier: Eric Niebler (Photo Credit: Ryan Johnson)

The Timy Dutton Rubber Ducky Backflip-Off at the Bearooth Summer Session Raises $600 for the High Fives Foundation and the Dutton Family!

Co-created by ON3p Skier and close friend to the late Timy Dutton, Josh Anderson, the Rubber Ducky Backflip-Off took place on Friday, June 6th at the Beartooth Summer Session!

“The Rubber Ducky | Timy Dutton, was always having the most fun, and the Bearooth Summer Session is one of the best and truest ski events I’ve attended in years. This year’s event, put on at Beartooth Basin Ski Area by ON3P Skis, lived up to and surpassed the awesome times of years past. In honor of a kid who was always into an adventure and loved to throw some bick ol’ laid out backflips, we presented the 2014 Rubber Ducky Backflip-Off, a charitable contest for the High Fives Non-Profit Organization.” – Josh Anderson

Thank you and High Fives to all involved in this amazing fundraiser at the Beartooth Summer Session!

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Video description: With great help from Strafe Outerwear, ON3P Skis and LIBtech NAS, the 2104 Rubber Ducky Backflip-Off at Beartooth Basin, MT helped raise money in Timy’s name to support the BASICS program put on by High Fives Non-Profit. Here are the backflips…