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Congratulations to the Trax Foundation on Becoming an Official 501.c.3 Non-Profit Foundation!

The US Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday, July 8th approved the first ever robotic exoskeleton to help people with lower body paralysis. Trax just took one massive step forward in changing everyone’s life who has been touched by paralysis & limb injury. Christy Foreman, director of the FDA’s Office of Device Evaluation, said in a statement that devices like ReWalk will help individuals with spinal cord injuries regain some mobility in their homes and their communities.

The Trax Foundation is excited to work with ReWalk, one of their partners in enabling the new campaigns that are now being launched! This great news will allow the Trax community to begin to engage and draw in major donors who give to non-profits and ultimately make it more accessible to utilize the amazing technology available such as ReWalk!

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Trax Foundation is a specialized fundraising and community support network designed to help people who need medically assistive robotic technology. (Photo Credit: Trax Foundation)

About the Trax Foundation:

The mission of Trax Foundation is to increase the accessibility and advance the technology of assistive robotics.

Assistive robotics are devices that help a person with paralysis or limited mobility to stand, walk, eat and regain mobility they have lost. Examples of assistive robotics include: powered joints & limbs, exoskeletal systems and smart prosthetics.

Currently assistive robotic technology is still very costly and out of reach for many people who could benefit from its use. Trax intends to bridge that gap and make assistive robotics available to those who need them.

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