Josh Dueck’s Infamous Sit-Ski Backflip

Salomon Freeski TV S5 E13 Sit Ski Backflip

Josh Dueck sustained a spinal cord injury in 2004 in a ski accident, leaving him completely paralyzed from the waist down. Josh quickly accepted the fact that life was going to be different, and he did his best to enjoy the process of adjusting to a new life. He found it to be a tough transition to acclimatize to, with all the physical, mental and emotional changes. It was with the hope that one day Josh would be able to return to the places he loves (the mountains and the ocean) that gave him the courage to move forward and live his dreams.

For many years one of his dreams has been to do a flip on snow again. On February 3, 2012, Josh became the first person to perform a backflip on snow in a sit-ski!

High Fives Athlete, Josh Dueck Contemplating His Next Move in Skiing (Photo Courtesy: Josh Dueck)

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I grew up in in Kimberley, BC Canada. It was in this rural mountain town where my love and appreciation for the great outdoors was born. I learned how to ski at the age of 13, and I joined the local freestyle club when I was 15. It became clear to me that sliding around on snow and flying through the air was how I wanted to live my life. Being a skier gave me an outlet to express my creativity. I spent several years pursuing my dream to be an Olympian. That goal was forced into retirement due to financial constraints; I then redirected my energy into coaching. It was while I was coaching that I sustained a spinal cord injury, leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. Life as I knew it no longer existed. It’s hard to digest the gravity of such profound change; even to this day. Experiencing such a powerful personal transformation opened me to some beautiful realizations about life, love and how deeply connected we are on so many levels. I am eternally grateful for the people in my life that teach, encourage and inspire me to life a life of purpose and service. Life is a gift and it’s meant to be shared.– Josh Dueck



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