Two Years Out, Arash Bayatmakou is Steadfast in His Recovery!

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High Fives Athlete, Arash Bayatmakou Working Hard at Cota Pilates in Maui, HI (Photo Courtesy: Arash Bayatmakou)

Congratulations on Two Strong Years Arash!

High Fives Athlete Arash Bayatmakou is truly a success story, proving people wrong and beating the odds for the last two years since he suffered a spinal cord injury on July 8, 2012. Arash is a tremendously hard worker, training at SCI-Fit in Pleasanton, CA three times a week for at least three hours each session. Roy Tuscany and Steve Wallace  of the High Fives Foundation recently joined Arash at the Bay Area facility and were blown away by his unwavering determination.

Keep working hard Arash!

Arash on his last 2 years and his recovery: “Doctors and most medical practitioners have the habit of telling people who have suffered a traumatic Spinal Cord Injury that nearly all recovery happens in the first 6 months to one year, two years if they’re lucky. I have never accepted this logic since I fully believe, as I have since the day I was injured, that with perseverance, diligence, unwavering commitment and by keeping the dream alive within me, that I can and will get back on my feet, no matter how long it takes.”

Arash goes on to say, “Although it has been two very hard years, trying, devastating, arduous, and sometimes insurmountably difficult, I have learned a great deal during this time. I have challenged myself to an extreme I could never imagine and I have seen how much love surrounds me on this fight of mine. For that, I’m grateful. For the opportunity to continue on the path to realize my dream of walking and running again, I am hopeful and I continue to fight.”

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High Fives Athlete, Arash Bayatmakou on his First Kayak Ride – Post Injury, in Kauai, HI (Photo Courtesy: Arash Bayatmakou)

About Arash: In 2012 Arash fell from a third story balcony of an apartment building, landed on his neck breaking the C5-C6 vertebrae and suffered a spinal cord injury. Arash was instantly paralyzed from the chest down, and was rushed to surgery a couple days later. In surgery, they fused his spine between C4-C7 with titanium rods and screws. Soon after surgery Arash was diagnosed as a C7 Incomplete ASIA B spinal cord injury. In Arash’s quest to get stronger, gain back function, be outdoors (like he used to all the time), and enjoy life, he would like to partake in a new activity, specifically a winter sport.

Learn more about High Fives Athlete, Arash Bayatmakou via his Winter Empowerment Page and his personal recovery page (

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