Video: KC Deane Hits Up The Rampage Site

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Watch and share the incredible video of High Fives Athlete KC Deane as he takes on the Red Bull Rampage (downhill mountain bike) course!

“Just over a year ago I went to Red Bull Rampage. I remember standing amongst friends and all sorts of people that came together to watch it all go down. Standing with everyone and listening to people say how nuts this all was, all I could think was “this looks like so much fun… I may not be able to do this right now, but I want to ride this terrain and start free riding.” A year later I was back last fall at Rampage helping my friends Mark and Mitch dig for the contest. Since I couldn’t ride for qualifiers, after spending all week digging and riding I couldn’t wait to ride the venue. After the dust cleared and the wood features were torn down, Steve Lloyd and I went back and filmed this edit. It was awesome to go ride one of the best zones in the world. A lot of people think of Rampage as the best riders in the world coming together, but not only does it bring the best riders but some of the best trail builders in the world. I couldn’t have been happier to be able to ride lines and features that everyone came together to build.” – KC Deane

Read the article on from KC’s friend and riding partner Steven Lloyd.

About High Fives Athlete KC Deane: A local pro skier, KC suffered a C-2 vertebrae break in 2010 while filming in the Lake Tahoe backcountry. The High Fives Foundation’s Winter Empowerment Fund supplied the financial means for him to return to a professional level through physical therapy with Scott Williams, PT, OCS.

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