2020 MotoDemption Camp | Adaptive Moto SHREDDING

We are fortunate enough to be able to introduce adaptive Athletes to new sports at many different camps throughout the year. Skiing, surfing, fly fishing, and others but the sport that sticks out as the one that may be least likely to be able to do with a spinal cord injury is Motocross. 

As soon as you begin to think of the mechanics of the sport, it becomes evident why it is a challenge. Riders need to use their feet to shift, to start the bike, to brake. It is very easy to assume that Motocross is not a sport for someone in a wheelchair. However, with some adaptations to the bike, this isn’t the case. Riders in wheelchairs are able to hop on the bike and take off. 

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Once we realized it was possible, we knew we had to run a motocross camp. With some amazing help organizing and some support from the Leadville Track in Colorado. We found the perfect location and people to make this camp happen. Including SPY Optics and Return to Dirt.

In order to avoid travel and large groups, we brought 8 High Fives Athletes who didn’t have to travel far to get to the track. 3 of them had never tried adaptive motocross before and they were very keen to try it. The fourth was High Fives superstar, Trevor Kennison, having him there was great, he was able to help coach the other adaptive Athletes on what to expect. 

Return to Dirt Foundation also provided RZRs with hand controls for everyone to be able to get out on.

All the Athletes were able to get out and rip up the track. Introducing them to a new sport and open their eyes to an entire new realm of possibilities.

Athlete Testimonial

 GRAYSON LUTHER High Fives Athlete #282


Honestly I’m lost for words. Motodemption was an unbelievable time. I don’t think I’ve smiled that much all summer, I’ve met so many great people since my accident it feels as if everything is meant for a reason. The motorized vehicles took me back to my childhood where I grew up riding and gave me an unreal amount of freedom. I’m so grateful for this new community that I have been welcomed into with open arms. Unreal. High fives continues to surprise me and pushes me to find the positives on a daily basis. -Grayson Luther

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Candy Dungan High Fives Athlete # 195


Motodemption was incredible! My most thrilling experience of the summer, and I especially loved all the custom gear and having pros around to teach us!

Dan Soller (The Danimal) High Fives Athlete #230


“Motodemption was so amazing, it was like being a kid again. Feeling that euphoria of being on 2 wheels and being able to go anywhere your bike can take you is a freedom I never thought I’d have again. Huge thanks and forever grateful to the High Fives family for all you do!!”


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