A Recap of the High Fives Foundation Green Mountain Adaptive Ski Camp 2024

In the heart of Vermont’s picturesque landscape, amidst the powdery slopes of Sugarbush, an extraordinary gathering unfolded. From February 29th to March 1st, 2024, the High Fives Foundation, in partnership with Vermont Adaptive, orchestrated an unforgettable experience: the Green Mountain Adaptive Ski Camp. It wasn’t just about skiing; it was about camaraderie, growth, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Mike Olsen, a familiar face at the camp, captured the essence of the event perfectly, expressing his anticipation and gratitude. “I absolutely look forward to this event EVERY year! Beyond grateful for my time spent with the High Fives Foundation, Vermont Adaptive, and the Sugarbush community!! Make so many amazing friends here every year!!!”

The sentiments echoed by Mike resonate deeply within the community of attendees. Max Lyman, reflecting on his experience, highlighted the exhilarating moments of pushing limits and the joy of forming lasting connections. “I had an amazing time meeting the High Fives crew. It was so cool to be pushed and challenged by all the other athletes in such a fun environment. My favorite moment was when Trevor towed me in to hit my first real park jump. Overall, I’m just excited to continue the relationships I made at the camp and to continue being involved with such a great organization. Looking forward to being a part of more exciting adventures in the future.”

This sense of adventure and camaraderie wasn’t limited to seasoned skiers. Even beginners found themselves welcomed into a supportive environment where growth and learning were celebrated. As Ryan McLaren put it, “The Sugarbush Ski Camp gave me the opportunity to ski side by side with Paralympians and first-time adaptive athletes. But for beginners and gold medalists alike, the experience of a High Fives camp is always one of growth, support, and time well spent with a community of people committed to each other’s success. It’s a true Ohana and something I will carry with me always.”

Indeed, the Green Mountain Adaptive Ski Camp wasn’t just about skiing; it was about embracing diversity and fostering a sense of belonging. It brought together individuals like Sean Kent, Dariel Melendez, Brie Birdsell, George Carpenter Burton, Ryan Manning, and many more, each with their unique stories and aspirations.

The support of sponsors like RMU, Ski Town All Stars, Darn Tough Vermont, Wells Lamont, and Phunkshun Wear played a pivotal role in making the event a success. Their commitment to inclusivity and empowerment resonated throughout the camp, amplifying the impact of every turn down the mountain.

The modalities offered, from monoskiing to biskis, three tracking to four tracking, ensured that every participant could find their rhythm on the slopes, pushing boundaries and defying limitations with each run.

As the sun set on another remarkable year at Sugarbush, the memories created and the bonds forged lingered in the crisp mountain air. The Green Mountain Adaptive Ski Camp of 2024 wasn’t just an event; it was a testament to the power of community, resilience, and the human spirit. And as attendees like Alana Nichols and Roy Tuscany can attest, its impact will continue to resonate long after the snow has melted, inspiring each participant to reach new heights, both on and off the slopes.

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