Athlete Animations | Jesse Alberi

As the Fourth of July approaches, a time to reflect on independence and freedom, we at the High Fives Foundation are thrilled to share a story that epitomizes resilience, hope, and the power of community support. We are proud to release the first installment of our “Athlete Animations” series, featuring the incredible journey of Jesse Alberi. This 2-D traditional animation not only brings Jesse’s story to life but also marks the launch of our new monthly donor outreach program, aimed at sustaining our mission of empowering athletes through their recovery journeys.

Jesse Alberi, an ambassador for the High Fives Foundation, recounts a life-changing experience that transformed his path. One fateful night, Jesse and his friends were out in the mountains, enjoying the freshly fallen snow and searching for elk tracks. After a long night, Jesse began his journey home on a familiar dirt road. However, in a twist of fate, his vehicle rolled multiple times, leaving him with severe injuries, including a broken humerus in two places and an inability to move his legs.

Stranded and vulnerable, Jesse faced a harrowing night as a pack of coyotes circled him. His resourcefulness and determination kept him alive until his wife, alarmed by his absence, alerted his best friend and another close buddy, Scott. They found Jesse and provided warmth and comfort until paramedics arrived, hours later.

The Path to Recovery

Adjusting to a new way of life after the accident was challenging for Jesse. However, his love for the outdoors, particularly fishing, played a crucial role in his recovery. With the support of a boat company in Bozeman, Jesse was able to return to rowing, a significant part of his life. The company custom-made a boat that enabled him to row again, allowing him to share the joy of fishing with his friends.

The High Fives Foundation stepped in to support Jesse’s journey back to independence. Jesse’s story is a testament to the foundation’s mission – to provide athletes with the tools they need to regain their passion and live their lives to the fullest.

Introducing the Athlete Animations Series

We are excited to launch the “Athlete Animations” series, with Jesse’s story as our inaugural feature. These 2-D traditional animation videos will spotlight the inspiring recovery journeys of High Fives Athletes, showcasing their pride in representing our foundation and the unwavering support they receive from our community. Through these animations, we aim to express our gratitude to our donors and supporters, whose contributions make these transformations possible.

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