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The Arcade Belt Program

#highfivesathlete Dario Minatta pushes some serious weight for his 3rd & 4th belt goals!

Goal #3:

Plank for at least 1 minute

Goal #4:

Bench press 75lbs – 6x in a row


While snowboarding at Squaw Valley in 2018, Dario suffered a cervical spinal injury that forced him to be helicoptered to nearby Renown Medical Center in Reno, NV. Dario has been fighting his way back ever since, and has been blowing through his belt goals! Recently, he completed not one, but two belt goals! Dario held a plank for one minute and benched press 75lbs for six repetitions. Dario is racking up these belts so quickly that he has spread the Arcade x Belt goal love onto a friend:

He also has passed on his first belt to a new friend that has joined SCI-Fit in Pleasanton that had never really worked out since his injury 4 years ago and has shown much strength and improvement.

Dario's mother, Ally

While Dario is still figuring out what his fifth goal will be, I’m sure it’ll be a good one based on his previous goals. He’s been hitting the gym hard and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes!


The Arcade Belt Program


The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals. Similar to a karate belt system, athletes move through the ranks when they complete goals they set for themselves and receive a belt with stars corresponding to the goal number they accomplish.


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