Congratulations to Danielle Watson on Three Strong Years!

Danielle Watson
High Fives Athlete, Danielle Watson (Photo Courtesy: Danielle Watson)

High Fives to Danielle Watson on Three Strong Years!

Huge congratulations to High Fives Athlete, Danielle Watson for all of her recent accomplishments! In just three years (since her injury on June 4th, 2011), Danielle has done some pretty amazing rings, including her recent acceptance into graduate school.

“I recently completed a half marathon in Portland on my hand cycle. I am moving to Tacoma in the fall because I got into graduate school for Occupational Therapy, so I am psyched! It took me over 2 years and 12 rejections to get into school, and with High Fives Foundation’s help, skiing totally kept my spirits up during that intense time. I know my life without it would pale in comparison.” – Danielle Watson

Learn more about Danielle via her Winter Empowerment page.

Check out Danielle’s blog HERE to see what else High Fives superstar Danielle Watson has been up to.

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