Happy Birthday to Dominic Prado!

High Fives Athlete, Dominic Prado with his New FES Bike (Photo Courtesy: Prado Family)

Happy Birthday to High Fives Athlete, Dominic Prado!

High Fives Athlete Dominic Prado turned 23 years old on June 5, 2014. On Thursday of last week Dominic was surprised with an early birthday present when he received a Restorative Therapies FES bike via the Winter Empowerment Fund!

Following Dominic’s January 2012 spinal cord injury he has experienced tremendous gains in rehab using Restorative Therapies FES bikes, but had very limited access to them. In March of this year the High Fives Foundation purchased a bike for Dominic to use so he can put the most into his recovery.

Happy Birthday and enjoy the bike Dominic!

Learn more about Dominic via his Winer Empowerment page HERE.

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