High Five The Hill 2020 | Winter Park

Skiing again after injury | High Five The Hill, Adaptive Ski Camp

Photos/videos shot 100% on GoPro by Generikal Design

High Fives camps are all about progression and building community!

From January 1-6, 2020 the High Fives Foundation hosted it’s 3rd annual Winter Park Ski Camp with the professional instructors at The National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD).


There were 12 #HighFivesAthletes who attended the Winter Park Ski Camp: Justin PinesAllyson MalloryDrew StephensOrion Owens, Sam Summers, Ira Edwards, Lawrence Green, JP Middleton, Travis Livingston. Along with the instructors from NSCD, accomplished monoskiers Alana Nichols (decorated Paralympian), Roy Tuscany (High Fives Founder), and Trevor Kennison (the Kings and Queens of Corbett’s Couloir adaptive athlete that stunned onlookers) were there to provide tips to the camp participants.


Working off of the success of the inaugural 2018 Winter Park Ski Camp, the High Fives Foundation linked past participants up with new Athletes of the organization to create a fun, educational and communal atmosphere for the 2020 camp.

When i'm in the middle of a ski turn, i'm not thinking about any of the problems or difficulties that come along with an injury like this.

#HighFivesAthlete Drew Stephens

Introducing individuals to outdoor sports post-injury is exactly why the High Fives Foundation was formed by Roy Tuscany over a decade ago following his 2006 spinal cord injury.

My favorite part is being outside, on the chairlift - nowhere near my wheelchair.

#HighFivesAthlete Orion Owens

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Phunkshun Wear, Gogglesoc, Flylow, The National Sports Center for the Disabled, Craig Hospital, Locale Outdoor, LEKI, Lone Mountain Printing, SYNC, Darn Tough Vermont, Level 1 and Winter Park Resort all came together with the High Fives Foundation to make the 2020 Winter Park Ski Camp the best to date. 

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