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#HighFivesAthlete Luke Eckenberg recently has had the opportunity to try new adaptive sports including rock climbing with High Fives, wheelchair basketball and adaptive mountain biking!

“I started basketball the other day, and next week is mountain biking!!! I’m so excited to be finding MY sports and settling into a routine again…Soon I’ll have a custom cushion and I’ll be able to go out more! I can’t wait to have more time to be out doing things, living more life. Maybe I’ll start back with music again! Or writing, or WHATEVER I WANT!” – #HighFivesAthlete Luke Eckenberg

We’re so happy and proud of Luke for his motivation and positive attitude towards everything he sets his mind to.

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Luke was snowboarding in January of 2011 and hit a jump too fast. Immediately after take off Luke started tipping backwards, missed the landing and fell flat on his back causing a T-12/L1 spinal cord injury. Luke always enjoyed snowboarding, and following his 2011 injury, he takes every opportunity to get back to the mountains!

“PLUCK THE DAY LIKE A RIPE FRUIT AND ENJOY, FOR IT MAY BE YOUR LAST.” – #HighFivesAthlete Luke Eckenberg’s chosen motivational quote

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