High Fives is proud to welcome March Grant Recipients | East Coast, Canada, & Hawaii


Introducing High Fives March 2020 East Coast, Canada, & Hawaii Empowerment Grant recipients

High Fives is very proud to introduce these new Athletes that we will be supporting through their recovery and onto whatever goals and adventures that they can dream of.

Recovery and progression of one’s mind and body is a never-ending pursuit. These Athletes realize that setting goals and improving themselves is incredibly important. After one goal or adventure is complete you know that goal is possible and find ways to become better with the experience and skill created.

High Fives believes that these 14 new Athletes embody our values and will represent High Fives in amazing ways, and we cannot wait to see what they are able to accomplish.

High Fives will be providing the march grant cycle recipients with a total of $55,090 to provide healing network support, equipment funding, and living expenses to ensure that these 14 new and 13 existing #HighFivesAthletes can be the best versions of themselves.

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March 2020 Empowerment Grant Recipients

Cassandra Greiner 2

Cassandra Grenier | TBI

Meriden, CT


In 2017, while summiting the Middle Teton, at 11,000 feet above the ground, the rocks above Cassandra began to shift and fall. Cassandra tried to take cover out of the fall zone, but unfortunately was knocked unconscious and covered by a boulder.  This accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury alongside a visual impairment and other injuries.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel- Maya Angelou

Daniel Chagnon | T7

Nutley, NJ

During a ski trip with friends, while riding at Mammoth Mountain, Daniel caught an edge and was tossed in the air. He flew off of the trail, into the woods, and hit a tree, resulting in a T7 spinal cord injury, a broken hip, femur, and shoulder. 

“Just keep getting better”


“to walk on my own again and I will achieve this goal”

“High Fives totally motivates me to continue working as I follow the web site and see other athletes continue to pursue their dreams, also meeting Roy in the hospital the day of my injury and hearing his story gives me hope everyday.”


Daniel Chagnon

Travis Yoder | T6 

McMinnville, Tn

Travis was snowboarding in Wisconsin. He had a fall which resulted in a shattered C6 and spine injury which the doctors diagnosed as a complete spinal cord injury.

I plan to be as self-sufficient as possible with my condition. And to pursue therapy and other healing programs in hopes of getting as much function to return as possible.

Tyler Turner | Double BK Amputation 

Calgary, AB, Canada 

While working as a skydiving instructor, Tyler was performing a routine landing after filming a guest complete their first tandem skydive from 10,000 feet. A canopy malfunction and failed parachute sent Tyler into the ground with tremendous force. This accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury, 2 months amnesia, and shattering both of his feet, resulting in the eventual amputation of both legs. 

“Buy the ticket, take the ride”- Hunter Thompson OR “Observe, permit, accept”- John Coleman


Tyler Turner
Victoria Feige 2


Vancouver, Canada

At the age of 18, Victoria was snowboarding when she overshot a jump and landed hard, falling 12-15 feet. This fall resulted in an incomplete T12 spinal cord injury. Since then, she has returned to a variety of sports and has even become a 2x Women’s World Adaptive Surfing Champion.

 “If my life is mine, what shouldn’t I do” – Emily Haines

“This grant will help me get a custom adaptive kneeboard fit to my body. I’m an adaptive surfing champion who surfs in a kneeling position and I’m currently riding small stand up surfboard. This custom kneeboard would help me progress in my surfing to faster turns, cutbacks and snaps. his would allow me to train, compete and continue to raise the level of my surfing.”


These new West Coast Athletes will be welcomed to the High Fives Ohana by previous Athletes and March Grant recipients

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Tanelle Bolt | SCI

Invermere, AB 



Chester, VT


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BondCamp2018 MaxQuality-25

Bond Camp | SCI 

Paia, HI


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Daniel Chagnon
Tyler Turner
Victoria Feige 2
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 4.34.22 PM
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 3.30.01 PM
BondCamp2018 MaxQuality-25
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