High Fives Congratulates those who have completed all Five Arcade Belt Goals

High Fives x Arcade Belt Goal Program

When an individual is approved for their first High Fives grant, we ask them to set two goals with a date that they plan to achieve these goals by. We have noticed that these individuals set lofty goals and work incredibly hard. More often than not they reach out before their original completion date to let us know that they completed their goals. once a Goal is completed we send the Athlete an Arcade belt with a star on it, the first goal they receive a belt with one star on it, on the second goal, two stars, and so on.

On the second grant for an Athlete, they are asked to send in three more belt goals. These goals are increasingly more challenging. The first two goals show them what they are truly capable of and with the inspiration and faith in themselves these Athletes truly push themselves for their final goals

We have had a few Athletes who have worked tirelessly and completed all Five goals, we wanted to showcase their accomplishments. By sending them not just a belt but also a commemorative coin. The coin is a token of their hours of hard work.

In short, The Arcade Belt Goal program inspires Athletes to push themselves to the limits. It creates a healthy lifestyle while breaking barriers within oneself.

as much as we would love to focus on all those who have completed Five goals These are three Athletes who we would like to give a little special recognition too.

Jeff Andrews

Goal 1 | To transfer in and out of wheelchair unassisted.

Goal 2 | To navigate ramps and operate doors independently.

Goal 3 | Three sets of fifteen unassisted box push-ups

Goal 4 | Able to adjust self in chair by pushing down on wheels to get my butt off the seat.

Goal 5 | Get out in the ocean and surf some waves!

High Five The Wave SoCal 2017 LowRes–55

Meredith E. Koch

Goal 1 | Balance for 15 seconds without use of braces, crutches or assitance

Goal 2 | Ski a blue run top to bottom using my new ski equipment without any assistance or falling

Goal 3 | Improve gait balance and flow so that weight on Locomotor training sessions can be decreased to 46%.

Goal 4 | Compete at the Para Can-Am Swimming Meet December 15-17 (2017) and acquire 3 additional qualifying times (on top of the 2 I acquired in July) for the Para World Swim Series in 2018

Goal 5 | Make Emerging Team in at least 1 event for U.S. Paralympic Swimming


Lyndsay Slocumb

Goal 1 | Sharpen skills on rugby court, build quickness and speed in quadrugby chair and become a competitive threat during games.

Goal 2 | Log minutes on the court when attending tournaments with the Sierra Storm Quadrugby Team.

Goal 3 | to score a goal during a game

Goal 4 | Attend the women only rugby camp and sharpen skills on the court.

Goal 5 | To push chair on own time to gain strength and be able to push for longer periods


Congratulations to all Athletes who are setting goals and continuing to improve themselves. We hope you always continue to do so, High fives will be there for you as you work hard to complete goals and see the full potential in yourselves.

The Arcade Belt Program

The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals. Similar to a karate belt system, athletes move through the ranks when they complete goals they set for themselves and receive a belt with stars corresponding to the goal number they accomplish.


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