#highfivesathletes @ the CR Johnson Healing Center | May

What a great month of May in the CR Johnson Healing Center!

Healing Center Trainers, Chris Cloyd and Natalie Gross, had a combined total of 86 hours working with #HighFivesAthletes in the CR Johnson Healing Center this May 2018. Meet athletes – KEENAN WEISCHEDELDavid Hewell, JASON ABRAHAMTAYLOR FIDDYMENT, TREVOR KENNISON, JEFF ANDREWS, Brennan Parsons, Sophie Courdurier, Tucker Larrieu & Shay Hampton and learn about their exercises from their trainers! 

Trainer Chris Cloyd works with KEENAN WEISCHEDEL!

REGULAR EXERCISES: stability exercises (seated), strength (push and pull), trunk mobility

NEW EXERCISES: TONS. Keenan made a ton of strides in the CRJ. Additional seated stability work, rotation and anti-rotation work, and standing frame work (push, pull, and back extension). We’re starting to work on some more rugby-specific strength endurance work and aerobic intervals on the ski erg as he’s getting more and more into rugby.

“Keenan’s traveling solo despite all of the associated challenges, and it’s super inspiring! Looking forward to getting him back in Tahoe in the fall.”

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This guy is 🔥 #highfivesathlete @djdavidaaron 📹 @_trashtalk

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Trainer Chris Cloyd works with David Hewell!

REGULAR EXERCISES: glute activation, hamstring curls, trunk rotation/stabilization, leg presses, full kneeling stability, seated/supine gait

NEW EXERCISES: back extension, unassisted bridging, seated/supine gait (bike prep), single leg hip ext., kneeling gait with harness, standing gait in parallel bars, more single leg strength/activation work, structured cardio work (ski erg, bike, etc)

“DA is working hard at work, and recommitting to some more time in the gym this month. Hoping to get him on the bike more, soon!”

Trainer Chris Cloyd works with JASON ABRAHAM!

REGULAR EXERCISES: upper body strength, gait work (supine), trunk stability/posture, rotational core stability, standing frame work, posterior chain activation (triceps/lats/delts), dips, sustained standing frame ballistics, T-spine mobility

NEW EXERCISES: full kneeling hip extension, standing ballistics, overhead extension from seated/standing, quadruped rows, back extensions, overhead presses, overhead triceps presses, push-pull antirotation stability, push-pull strength, rotational stability work, posterior chain stability work, overhead strength, continued hand control, back extension and thoracolumbar stability.

“A-Bro gifted me his old mountain bike – the one he rode before he got hurt – and I’m now the proud owner of my first mountain bike. I’m beyond humbled. I can’t wait to get out with him on that bike, to share some mountain bike time with my wife, and to push my own skills at the bike park. A-Bro’s generosity made these things possible.”


Trainer Chris Cloyd works with JEFF ANDREWS!

REGULAR EXERCISES: seated, prone, and supine strength and stability – push/pull, back extension, seated rotational resistance, seated back extension, overhead presses and triceps extensions, rotational pulls and pushes

NEW EXERCISES: surf-specific work (pulls/lateral and rotational stability), push presses, bridges and hip extension work, and more unstabilized seated work. Starting to really focus on prone work for surf-specifc prep.

“Jeff’s independence and desire/ability to engage with his continued life with SWAG is such a cool representation of recovery.”

Trainer Chris Cloyd works with TREVOR KENNISON!

REGULAR EXERCISES: ski and surf specific strength work, overhead stability and power, rotational strength and stability

“Trevor could beat me in S-K-A-T-E on his sit-ski, even if I could ride my snowboard.”

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You all have met #highfivesathlete @fiddycent right?!!

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Trainer Chris Cloyd works with TAYLOR FIDDYMENT!

REGULAR EXERCISES: upper body strength, shoulder articulation/release, core work, posture and mobility

NEW EXERCISES: focusing on debt activation, pec mobility, and core strength


TRAINER Natalie Anne Gross works with Brennan Parsons!

REGULAR EXERCISES: balance/ indo board, water sports

NEW EXERCISES : bodybuilding splits- upper lower body split then one day of mobility and crossfit type work

“Brennan is freaking awesome! Kid makes me laugh super hard and I’m excited about getting some muscle on him and rebuilding his strength AND confidence”

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 3.19.48 PM
Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 4.48.36 PM

TRAINER Natalie Anne Gross works with Tucker Larrieu!

REGULAR EXERCISES: internal/ external rotation, core stability, upper body exercises

NEW EXERCISES: crossfit wod’s, bodybuilding exercises including lifts like deadlifts with bands and pr’s on bench press

We also went into Crossfit Blizzard across the street which was an incredibly fun, team building experience

“Tucker has a can do attitude!”

TRAINER Natalie Anne Gross works with Sophie Courdurier aka ‘Dainty but Deadly’!

REGULAR EXERCISES: tennis, aerobic stretching, yoga stretching & push/pull

NEW EXERCISES: incorporating much more core strengthening exercises with main focus on glutes as Sophie wants to work on her “booty & abs”

Also been throwing in a bit of cardio in the form of battle ropes to get her a little outside of her comfort zone

“Sophie has really blossomed and her positive attitude is pretty darn contagious.”

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 3.23.15 PM

TRAINER Natalie Anne Gross works with  Shay Hampton!

REGULAR EXERCISES: swimming, rowing, treadmill walking

NEW EXERCISES : incorporating yoga as well as balance and mobility exercises. Sport specific exercises to help him improve in game competitions.

“Shay is SUPER rad! I am so stoked to see what we can do this year and even more stoked to hopefully be able to go to Australia with him for the Invictus Games!”

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