Kendel Elliot: Snowboarding and High Fives

High Fives Athlete Kendel Elliot (Photo: Kendel Elliot)
High Fives Athlete Kendel Elliot (Photo: Kendel Elliot)

Since 2010 Kendel has suffered a pair of injuries that have affected her greatly, causing unpredictable convulsions. In 2010 Kendel broke her pelvis, and in February of 2013 Kendel suffered a traumatic brain injury. Since suffering her injuries Kendel and her family have had trouble finding effective treatments. In December, 2013 High Fives awarded Kendel a grant for Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments with Dr. Lily Kuehne of the Lake Tahoe Wellness Center and she has seen tremendous results in working toward her recovery.

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