CHRIS BARKLEY from SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, COLLIN GRANAROLI from INCLINE VILLAGE, NV, DARIO MINATTA from SANTA ROSA, CA, DAVID HEWEL from RENO, NV plus our 6 East Coast Athletes here and 6 Central USA athletes here


Chris Barkley | Spokane Valley, WA

Chris Barkley sustained an injury in a ski accident, which led to a C4 incomplete spinal cord injury. Chris has an infectious personality and plans to get back to recreation and the things that he loves. He has befriended many High Fives Athletes at Craig Hospital and they put him in touch with the High Fives Foundation.

Chris’ “Win the day!” credo speaks directly to his drive and ability to overcome. He received a March grant from the Foundation to be used toward massage and acupuncture from the Chanda Plan in Lakewood, CO. These practices will pair well as Chris works daily in the gym on his recovery.

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I am humbled and optimistic about the grant. Words really can’t express the feelings of relief. Threw great personal support, meditation, PT and other key practices I've done my best to make light out of dark situations.

Collin Granaroli

Collin was hitting a pack of jumps on his mountain bike that he had many times before without incident, but this time particular time was different. His speed was checked in between the second and third jump slowing him enough to miss the transition. This sent his arms inside the handle bars and over the top of the bike. He landed directly on top of his head compressing C3 through C6. Temporarily he had zero connection to his lower extremities, but it came back slowly over months.

Collin received a March grant from the High Fives Foundation for massage with Kendra Cromwell and acupuncture with Elemental Back and Body; modalities that have helped him immensely in the past.

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Dario Minatta | Santa Rosa, CA

Dario suffered a spinal cord injury with friends while snowboarding at Squaw Valley on January 10, 2018. He suffered a cervical spinal cord injury, and was flown to Renown Medical Center where he underwent surgery. He then went to Craig Hospital, and experienced tremendous gains.

Dario was granted March funding from the High Fives Foundation so that he can continue his amazing progress at the Frazier Institute in Kentucky. The facility offers locomoter training which is hugely beneficial in spinal cord injury recovery.

Dario wasn’t the only one who was excited to hear about the news when he received the grant.

Holy cow that is awesome. Thank you so much for all you are doing for Dario. I told Ally and Dario the news and we all started crying. We heading to Kentucky on April 19t!

Dino Minatta, Dario’s father

David Hewel | Reno, NV

David Hewel received a SkiErg from Concept2.

David suffered a T-12 burst fracture in a speed flying crash at Heavenly Resort in June, 2014. David was diagnosed as incomplete, and has worked tremendously hard on his recovery following his time in Renown Hospital.

David’s goal is to walk again and continue following his passion for snow sports, air sports and music/work. He would like to get back to the things he loves in whatever fashion his recovery will allow him. David continuously works hard with different therapies and training to get even stronger and more mobile than he was prior to his injury.

The CR Johnson Healing Center, David’s main training ground, sports a Concept2 SkiErg in which there is a fitness challenge between Athletes who frequent the facility. David has experienced great results from the machine, and a March High Fives grant will supply him with his own so he can keep progressing.

I am seriously putting this thing in my office and plan to use it everyday. My goal is to do a little fasted cardio before breakfast every day. Beyond that a 2-3 times a week of a longer slower paced cardio workout.

David Hewel


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