The Last High Five Winners surf their custom Macskis in Santa Cruz!


Camps have returned, and we are absolutely elated to bring amazing Athletes from across America together to bond, heal, and shred together. This last month we were able to bring 8 Athletes together in Santa Cruz to get out in the water to feel the therapeutic power that lives inside the ocean.

2 of these Athletes, Desiree Rosdahl and Ira Edwards, were winners in our Last High Five Fundraising event, and because of that, they were met in Santa Cruz with their very own customs Macski Waveskis.

As expected, upon arrival, the 8 Athletes quickly reconnected with old friends and invited in new camp attendees with open arms. The camaraderie was strong immediately. Veteran Waveski surfer Trevor Kennison took the mentor position to new surfers Ajay Shenoy, Desiree Rosdahl, Ira Edwards, and Shelby Estocado. The amazing crew of water support took the time to get Alex Duff set up to ride the waves to the absolute best of his ability.

Macskis ready to rip
Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 12.50.30 PM
Ricci Kilgore Shred

The waves and weather treated everyone amazing during our time there. Everyone was able to leave their disabilities behind and get onto some waves.

Returning surfer Ricci Kilgore was feeling the nerves as she paddled out, but once the waves rolled in, there was no way to tell she was nervous. She used her athletic ability to catch wave after wave, leaving the water with a massive smile on her face.

After a 14-year Hiatus following his spinal cord injury, Ira Edwards was able to successfully return to surfing. He caught many waves and will be heading back to Anchorage with a Macski WAVESKI of his own to tear up some Alaskan waves.

First-time camp adaptive surfer, Alex Duff, used his previous knowledge of the sport and the support of the watermen to make his comeback as epic as possible. He was playing around with different board setups and postures throughout the whole camp and left feeling that he had returned to a sport he loved so much prior to his injury.

New surfers, Desiree Rosdahl and Ajay Shenoy, fit in with the crew immediately and surfed like seasoned veterans.

Shelby Estocado and Trevor Kennison did what everyone expected them to. Their charismatic personalities shined out of the water and they took advantage of each wave. They mentored new Athletes while having a ton of fun in the water.

Ajay Shenoy

High Five Athlete #263

SCI – C5

Winner of the yellow submarine rocketship award


The camp was SO SO SO incredible !!! The surf was good and the company was even better. Stoked to meet everyone and finally be a part of the High Fives Ohana

Ajay’s custom photo Album

Desiree Rosdahl

High Five Athlete #254

SCI -T11/T12 , TBI

Most color coordinated surfer award


It was an amazing empowering and inspirational trip and I am so happy I was able to go! Not to mention I was able to ride waves by myself!

Desiree’s custom photo album

Alex Duff

High Five Athlete #360

SCI -C4 Incomplete

First in, last out award


Returning to the ocean, wow. High Fives has shown me so much this trip. I got to spend time with an amazing community of indviduals and feed of the stoke and zest for life that they all had. I am a surfer again.

Alex’s custom photo album

Ira Edwards

High Five Athlete #1o

SCI – T12

Jack of all trades award


It’s been 13-14yrs since I went surfing. I was good enough to get up half of the time, some of the time . Since my SCI in 2010 I didn’t know if I could do that again. Getting on a waveski at the High Fives surf camp was awesome and I can now independently ride wave after wave! I’m sooo stoked!!! ”

Ira’s custom photo album

Shelby Estocado

High Five Athlete #311

SCI – T6

Pleasure Point Princess


The stoke was at an all time high in Santa Cruz with High Fives. I met new athletes and the crew was amazing! The third day out was probably our best day because we all surfed independently and rode the waves all by ourselves. Lots of smiles and big thanks to our Santa Cruz Ohana for taking good care of us out there.

Shelby’s custom photo album

Trevor Kennison

High Five Athlete #110

SCI – T11

Wave Squirell Award


Having been on multiple surf trips, I still find that I am blown away by the power these camps have. Getting to spend time with like minded individuals and see their stoke level as they get to expireince a wave for a first time is so amazing. I love these camps and I love High Fives. I am already looking forward to the next camp!

Trevor’s custom photo album

Ricci Kilgore

High Five Athlete #119

SCI – T12

Master of Wave and Fear


Coming home from this surf camp I felt more connected with nature. Especially being cooped up in this pandemic last year is something that my soul needed. A cleansing and a connection does the body good.

Ricci’s custom photo album

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Special thanks to our water people: Ian Macleod, Rob Jarvis, Jeff Easter, Jordan Drew, Tim, Meg Berry, Jaime Davis, Kevin Butler

Photo and video by Jordan Drew