High Five the Wave 2017 – San Clemente

Enjoy a recap of High Fives most recent adaptive surf camp, High Five the Wave 2017 – San Clemente!

From May 29th to June 4th 2017, the High Fives Foundation worked with eight Athletes of the organization, eight coaches/waterman and a media team to host what has been widely considered as the most successful adaptive surf camp in the history of the Foundation.

Joining perennial surf camp participants, Athletes Alina Garbuzov (Menlo Park, Calif.) Tim Burr, (Carbondale, Colo.) and Ezra McPhail (Duluth, MInn.) rounded out the excited crew. While Jeff Andrews, Max Elles and Landon McGauley, no strangers to the ocean, picked up where they left off, the newcomers caught on quickly. By the end of the trip, judging by the smiles and high fives, this camp created three new lovers of the ocean.

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“It was exciting to see three new Athletes at the San Clemente Surf Camp. To see their ear-to-ear smiles in the water completely validated why High Fives hosts these camps. Adaptive surf camps show newly injured individuals areas in which they can find a new sense of adrenaline.” – Program Services Manager Steve Wallace

The High Fives Foundation will host the second adaptive surf camp of the Summer from July 8th to 15th 2017 in Santa Cruz’s infamous surf break, Pleasure Point. This camp will see four Athletes new to the ocean (following spinal cord injury) to recreate the smiles shown in San Clemente.

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