Montana Fly Fish 2022

We are back in Montana at the Silver Bow Lodge for one of the most transformative camps of the year.

We have been running this camp since 2018, and it has proven to have profound therapeutic effects on not just the Athletes but also on staff, volunteers, and all those in attendance. The combination of support from Access Unlimited, the Silver Bow Club, and Craig Hospital allowed Athletes everything needed to get lost and find themselves in the beautiful wilderness of Dillion, Montana.

High Fives was able to bring a group of Athletes out to participate in this camp. Nolan Trowe, Trevor Kennison, Jeff Andrews, Rio Peterson, Randy Nantz, Annijke Wade, and Sally Francklyn represented us. Our goal as a Foundation was to “Work alongside Access Unlimited and the Silver Bow Club to provide an opportunity unlike any other in Dillon, MT, including access to fishing and the outdoors that would not be possible without these entities. “

We asked a few of these Athletes about their time, and this is what they had to say – I think we succeeded in our goal!

Rio Peterson

High Fives Athlete # 205



Life is a blend of pleasure and suffering. Following a life-changing injury, such as SCI, you are confronted with suffering. The pain from this suffering can be felt emotionally and physically. Physical limitations from SCI challenge one’s journey to restore their pleasure. In Montana, you witness each individual athletes’ mood and perspective brighten day by day because of the improvements in their emotional and physical pain from being immersed in nature and building camaraderie.


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Randy Nantz

High Fives Athlete # 221

Veteran, Amputee

The fun we had while at the Silver Bow Club in Montana was immeasurable. Whether we were on the river fly fishing, on the skeet range, around the campfire, or simply eating at the table sharing our stories of the day, it was time well spent with one another, celebrating another day of living together. It was a wonderful time that made me fall in love with Montana, each individual there with me, the Silver Bow Club, Fly Fishing, and most of all, the side by side. Thank you, HighFives, Silver Bow Club, Monster Energy Drinks, Eddie Bauer, and last but by no means least of all, Access Unlimited, for planning and executing a fantastic trip for all. Thank you to any other sponsors I may have inadvertently failed to mention.

Sally Francklyn

High Fives Athlete # 33


I really enjoyed my time in Montana, staying at a beautiful lodge in a beautiful state, and I loved seeing new and old faces! The guides donated their time and knowledge, and I can’t wait to go back, thanks to High Fives!


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Annijke Wade

High Fives Athlete # 433


My time in Montana represents peak community. At 10 months from my injury it was the first time I had travelled and the first time fly fishing in many years and first time ever trap shooting. I had no idea what to expect. I was immediately greeted by a group of people I would come to know, enjoy and be stoked on. It was the most free and most like me I’ve felt since my accident. To be on the river, in nature, with Ohana was such a privilege that has reignited a spark in me, I feel like I can do anything, and obstacles can easily be removed.



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Thank you to all the amazing supporters of this trip and all of the other events and camps that High Fives is able to offer to deserving individuals. Your contributions truly change lives.