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Healing Center Trainers, Chris Cloyd and Natalie Gross, had a combined total of 83 hours working out with #HighFivesAthletes in the CR Johnson Healing Center this July 2018. PLUS Healing center practitioners: Karen Stubbs, Giddian Haimovitz, Vitality Primary Car & Kyle Briggs working with athletes for a combine total of 134 hours of athletes being healed in the center! Meet the athletes – David Hewell, JASON ABRAHAMTAYLOR FIDDYMENT, Jim Kempner, Dennis MankelJEFF ANDREWS, Brennan Parsons, Sophie Courdurier, Jarred Evens, Todd Wolfe & David Lowell and learn about their exercises from their trainers! 

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Trainer Chris Cloyd works with JEFF ANDREWS!
REGULAR EXERCISES: seated, prone, and supine strength and stability – push/pull, back extension, seated rotational resistance, seated back extension, overhead presses and triceps extensions, rotational pulls and pushes
OUTSIDE THE GYM: Jeff is grinding toward rugby season and living his life to the fullest – he’s got his pup and his homestead and is killing it.
“Jeff’s building his fitness and building a life for himself down in Verdi! Growing up.”

TRAINER Natalie Anne Gross works with Sophie Courdurier!
REGULAR EXERCISES: tennis, aerobic stretching, yoga stretching & push/pull
NEW EXERCISES: Sophie really wants to keep at the glute and abs so we are really incorporating exercises that challenge her core stability as well as strengthening her posterior chain
“Dainty But Deadly”

Live a happy life 😃🐶 #highfivesathlete

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Don’t drop the ball Dennis! #highfivesathlete @_trashtalk

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Trainer Chris Cloyd works with Dennis Mankel!
REGULAR EXERCISES: shoulder mobility work, ROM through back and neck (extension), release work, leg strength, push-pull strength
SHOWN IMPROVEMENT: more strength through his back and arms, less consistent pain, more mobility, a ton more strength through a standing posture, leg endurance, and shoulder mobility
OUTSIDE THE GYM: living his life to the fullest! Being a good friend to Jim and a good dad to his puppy
“I think July was Dennis’ best month yet at the CRJ. Consistency is his best weapon, and we’re really in a groove.”

Trainer Chris Cloyd works with Jim Kempner!

REGULAR EXERCISES: hip extension, upper body strength, ski-specific work, back extension and assoc. core work, standing hip extension
OUTSIDE THE GYM: Jim’s moving to Alaska soon, and he’s up there now dialing in his new homestead
“Jim is hilarious!”

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, DONE! #highfivesathlete @jimansandra & @_trashtalk

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Trainer Chris Cloyd works with TAYLOR FIDDYMENT!
REGULAR EXERCISES: upper body strength, shoulder articulation/release, core work, posture and mobility
OUTSIDE THE GYM: Tay’s really growing into a mentor, both in the CRJ and out of the CRJ. It’s awesome to see
“Tay’s headed back to school soon, and she’s gonna carry her fitness to the next chapter of her life down there and keep spreading the good word about the CRJ!”

Trainer Chris Cloyd works with JASON ABRAHAM!
NEW EXERCISES: radical big mountain bike rides, full kneeling hip extension, standing ballistics, overhead extension from seated/standing, quadruped rows, back extensions, overhead presses, overhead triceps presses, push-pull antirotation stability, push-pull strength, rotational stability work, posterior chain stability work, overhead strength, continued hand control, back extension and thoracolumbar stability.
OUTSIDE THE GYM: A-Bro has turned the corner is back to identifying himself as a bike rider and a mountain athlete again, spinal cord injury be damned. I’m incredibly impressed by him, and couldn’t be happier for him. E-Bikes, man.
“A-Bro spends his free time smashing Strava records now, which is one of my favorite things.”

This guy is 🔥 #highfivesathlete @djdavidaaron 📹 @_trashtalk

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Trainer Chris Cloyd works with David Hewell!
REGULAR EXERCISES: glute activation, hamstring curls, trunk rotation/stabilization, leg presses, full kneeling stability, seated/supine gait
OUTSIDE THE GYM: More bike riding and a lot of work for him
“Dave’s gonna catch the e-bike bug this month and it’s gonna be awesome.”

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