Vermont SportsCar and High Fives Foundation Partner to Take Adaptive Skiing to the Next Level

VERMONT SPORTSCAR x HIGH FIVES FOUNDATION Positive growth. Vermont SportsCar, the world-renowned rally car manufacturer, and the High Fives Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping injured athletes, have teamed up to bring adaptive skiing to the next level. The partnership between Vermont SportsCar and the High Fives Foundation is a natural fit. Both organizations … Read more

High Fives in the News | Pinkbike

High Fives Foundation hits Killington for second annual Adaptive mountain bike day and Pinkbike features the event! Written by #HighFivesAthlete Ryan St. Lawrence | Photos by Brooks Curran 'Video: Adaptive Mountain Biking Day at Killington Mountain, Vermont' Read the full article on Pinkbike HERE

High Fives in the News | Huffington Post

The Huffington Post shares everything you need to know about how & why the High Fives Foundation started including challenges! HuffPost spoke with High Fives Founder, Roy Tuscany, to learn more about his personal story and some of the most rewarding moments of his career. The article explores questions like... How did you come up ... Read more

EVENT RECAP | Outdoor Retailer Opening Party Benefitting High Fives

Thank you to everyone who attended the Outdoor Retailer Opening Party at Evo Denver Benefitting High Fives What a showing from the Colorado community! 7 #HighFivesAthletes made it to the event! (from left to right) Craig Hospital Representatives Jake Manley, Sara Manley, Danielle Scroggs, #HighFivesAthlete Allyson Mallory, #HighFivesAthlete Jim Harris, High Fives Events Manager Gina Miele, ... Read more


MEET #HIGHFIVESATHLETE SKYE CHANEY FROM HOOD RIVER, OR! Skye Chaney joins the summer fun in Tahoe by capping off his road trip with a 15.41 mile, 2,046 elevation gain mountain bike ride! Skye visited the CR Johnson Healing Center while in town to say hi to Programs Service Director, Steve Wallace and the rest of the staff! His ... Read more