The Arcade Belt Program

#highfivesathlete Allison White climbs 5.10 to get her 2nd Arcade Belt Goal

Goal #2: Climb a 5.10 outside!

As some of you may remember, Allison is no stranger to smashing her goals. Her first goal had her competing in adaptive climbing, and now she’s taking her skills from plastic holds, out to rock. If you haven’t seen her first goal, be sure to check it out here.

After I returned from the paraclimbing worlds, I set the goal for myself of climbing (TR) a 5.10 outside. I worked on this route for months and today it finally all came together!

Allison White (@therecklesschoice) after her send of Center Face, 10b.


Going from an indoor climb with plastic holds to a climb outside is no small transition. For starters, an indoor climb is very straight forward; sure the difficulty may be there, but you can clearly see the bright neon colored holds that are your ticket to the top. When you step outside, you have to find the holds that seem to be hidden in the rock. Occasionally on heavily trafficked routes, you can spot climbing chalk marks to hint at where you should be going, but it’s nothing short of a full on adventure when you’re on real rock.

As Allison continues to crush, we can’t wait to see what she does next. Maybe lead a 5.10? Perhaps continue in the competition side of climbing? Whatever she chooses to do, High Fives will be supporting her throughout!

The Arcade Belt Program


The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals. Similar to a karate belt system, athletes move through the ranks when they complete goals they set for themselves and receive a belt with stars corresponding to the goal number they accomplish.


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