THE PUSH: Owning your reality is when the journey begins Grant Korgan defied the odds & became the first spinal cord injury athlete to literally "push" himself to the geographic South Pole. About this project THE PUSH is a documentary film that focuses on Grant Korgan, an adventure athlete and former nanoscientist who became the first ... Read more

2017 Military to the Mountain Videos

The High Fives Foundation teamed up with the Adaptive Training Foundation and the City of Reno Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department, to host the 2017 Military to the Mountain Program! 22 injured US Military Veterans (15 from the Dallas area and seven from the Reno area) were trained at their respective facilities for nine weeks, preparing them for ... Read more


Thank you #HighFivesAthlete MIKE SCHWARZ for your continued support in sharing the good word of High Fives through BASICS presentations! Mike recently did a presentation of High Fives BASICS Documentary, #HelmetsAreCool to a class of 21 at Manchester By The Sea Elementary School. Mike's STORY OF RECOVERY IS SHARED IN THE 2014 DOCUMENTARY #HELMETSARECOOL. Watch it below. Thank you Mike!  ... Read more