High Fives Athletes crushing Arcade Belt Goals

High Fives x Arcade Belt Goal Program 41 Athletes who have completed their current belt goals Daniel Chagnon// Ryan Bodine// Louis Arevalo// Travis yoder// Brandon Malman// Jo Lawrence//Jason Abraham// Luke Eckenberg// Bryan Noonan// Andrew Bernstein// Mike Shaw// Kirk Williams// Chad Winthrop// Austin Hunt// David Wieslemann //Sophie Coudurier// Ajay Shenoy// Spencer Keene// Rio Peterson//Brad Baugh// Nicholas ... Read more

Arcade Belt Program

Arcade Belt Program High Fives celebrates our amazing goal crushing Athletes throughout 2020 We are all glad 2020 is over. It was a tough year, but High Fives Athletes showed true grit through adversity as we all expected. Gyms, rehabilitation centers, and even ski hills were closed, so Athletes had to add creativity to the ... Read more