High Fives Athletes crushing Arcade Belt Goals

High Fives x Arcade Belt Goal Program


When an individual is approved for a High Fives grant, we ask them to set a goal with the date that they plan to achieve this goal. We have noticed that these individuals set lofty goals and work incredibly hard to reach them. More often than not, these goals are accomplished before their original completion date. Once a Goal is completed, High Fives sends the Athlete an Arcade belt with a star on it. 

Each time an Athlete receives a grant we ask them to set a new goal, when that goal is complete we send them another belt. It is amazing to see Athletes build their confidence and abilities to improve with each new goal they complete. 

In short, The Arcade Belt Goal program inspires Athletes to push themselves to the limits. It creates a healthy lifestyle while breaking barriers within oneself.

These are our Athletes who have set challenging goals and found the inner strength and commitment to complete them. 


Shelby Estocado

Goal: Compete in my first CrossFit Open in my wheelchair and qualify for the CrossFit games in July. My main goals right now are to make the quarter-finals by the end of March, make the semifinals by the end of April, and reach my long term goal in competing in the 2021 CrossFit games. Having my sports chair will better assist me when working out in the CrossFit gym, and I’m super excited to start using it.

Date of Completion: March 3, 2021

I’ve been doing CrossFit since I was 15. After my accident, I knew I wanted to get back into it and compete. It feels great to still be able to do the intense CrossFit workouts in my wheelchair!
I have made it to the second stage in the WheelWod Games, hoping to compete in the final round, November 12-14, in North Carolina.
I have a couple more CrossFit comps coming up, The Bacon Beatdown in Daytona Beach, Florida & and the Silver State Throw Down here in Upstate, Nevada.
I’m really excited to see where CrossFit will take me this year. Thank you to High Fives & Reno Power House Fitness for helping me train and push my limits to achieve my goals.

Shelby Crop
Noonan Crop

Bryan Noonan


Goal :  My goal is to be able to do 15 pull-ups.

Date Of Completion: November 1,2020

Goal: I would like to ski back to the spot where I broke my back. I’d also like to do it on the 2 year anniversary of my injury, which is Feb 28th.

Date Of Completion: February 28, 2021


I tend to not put too much weight on symbolic things like that. I mostly wanted to see if I could do it. It’s a pretty steep run and it was very icy that day. I had only gotten my sit ski days before that so I was definitely at the edge of my abilities. I was proud that I didn’t let the fear of the current conditions and what happened 2 yrs ago scare me off.

-Bryan Noonan

Mike Shaw 


Goal: My goal is to return to ski touring in Revelstoke BC.

Date Of Completion: February 28, 2020

This was what I’ve been dreaming about. Deep blower pow. It was almost like skiing used to be for me. SO uplifting

-Mike Shaw

shaw crop

Congratulations to all Athletes who are setting goals and continuing to improve themselves. We hope you always continue to do so. And when you set your eyes to the sky, High fives will be there for you as you work hard to complete goals and see the full potential in yourselves.


Completed Goals 

Daniel Chagnon I am currently doing outpatient PT at Kessler and they have me standing in walker and I’ve been able to swing my hips and walk over 100 feet. I have target date of June 1 2020 to have braces made and be able to walk with walker for a 100 yards.

Ryan Bodine My goal is to walk to my favorite sunset spot without taking a break. It is about 1/2 mile each way.

Louis Arevalo My goal is to go for a 10 mile bike ride.

Travis Yoder My goal is to be able to operate a Manual wheel chair.

Brandon Malman Work on my strength and balance in conjunction with my new high performance prosthetic ankle to return to mountain biking at close to the level I could ride prior to my injury. This will include doing multi-hour rides, freeride trails, the Wasatch Crest Trail, and my favorite trails on Park City Mountain. If we can get a permit, I would love to do the White Rim Trail again. 

Jo Lawrence Roll down my street and back independently.

Jason Abraham Short term goal is to bike 100 miles & 10k feet in a week before the end of August.

Luke Eckenberg Bike 50 miles in one week.

Andrew Bernstein My goal is to walk with a cane.

Kirk Williams My goal is to ride with other handcyclists.

Chad Winthrop My goal is to walk stairs.

Austin Hunt To play a full round of golf.

David Wieslemann Locking knees out.

Sophie Coudurier Find a new area that I have never been to before and explore that area with confidence.

Ajay Shenoy Get up from my wheelchair (unassisted) w/ forearm crutches (supported).

Spencer Keene Driving on my own.

Rio Peterson Use my free wheel to push through the foothills.

Brad Baugh Get 15 or more days of skiing in this season.

Nicholas Beaty Transfer independently from my chair to the handcycle, ride for 10 miles, then successfully transfer back into my chair on my own.

McKenna Woodhead Participate in Charlotte’s ASAP (Adaptive Sports Program) in riding in their Cycle to the Sea. This is a 180 mile bike ride from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach. This ride is done virtual this year and in segments.

Michael Olsen Have a new sense of independence without the struggle of not having an accessible space to take care of myself.

Trevor Kennison My goal is to hit the first big feature in the WinterPark Bike park the end of 2020 bike season!

Kenny Young Ski a black diamond comfortably again.

James Murtha Establish a weekly cardio/strength training regimen with new equipment provided by High Fives.

Olivia Rey XC Ski from Alpine to Rainbow if possible on my own.

Alex Uppenkamp  My goal with this grant is to make it down the line on my own on the surfboard.

Wufky Crosby To push adaptive skiing into the freestyle side of the sport.

Nolan Trowe I’d like to go on short to medium length bike rides with my wife on a weekly basis.

Kyle Moxely World Cup Qualified in 2 ski disciplines.

Olivia Tonti I want to do a black diamond mogul run by the end of the season without falling a bunch of times. 

Pierre Bergman My goal is to get to independence in sit skiing.

Victoria Feige I will surf with the grant wetsuit in 48 degree water. 

David Sagal 50 days on the hill in 2021 season.

Jeff Andrews To crush my workouts with Nikki and start pushing my rugby chair again.

Jarred Evans Learn how to go down stairs in my wheelchair unassisted.

The Arcade Belt Program

The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals. Similar to a karate belt system, athletes move through the ranks when they complete goals they set for themselves and receive a belt with stars corresponding to the goal number they accomplish.


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