Squaw Valley hosts Military to the Mountains presented by ATF, Beaverfit and City of Reno

Military to the Mountains 2021 California In honor of our brother Travis Livingston (A.K.A. Backcountry Trav) The fires were burning bright for 18 veterans, who had spent the last nine weeks giving blood, sweat, and tears into their training both in Reno, Nevada, with the City of Reno, and in Texas with Adaptive Training Foundation. ... Read more

Military to the Mountains | CA Class of 2021

The Athletes To say that we are proud of these amazing veterans and first responders would be doing them a great disservice; these amazing individuals truly gave it all for their country and were unfortunately injured in the process. Although they may have been injured, their spirit was never broken. Through injury, these Athletes dug ... Read more

Introducing Military to the Mountains at Granby Ranch

Granby Ranch Announces the New Patriot Pass and the Granby Ranch Military to the Mountains Program The Granby Ranch Patriot Pass provides free skiing privileges to active-duty members of the US Military Developed in partnership with the High Fives Foundation, the Granby Ranch Military to the Mountains program provides Veterans with a specialized nine-week training program ... Read more

2020 Military to the Mountain

2020 Military to the Mountain (M2M) Veterans doing the not impossible. A High Fives Foundation program service that demonstrates our deep sense of appreciation for the men and women who serve our country – specifically for those veterans and first responders who have suffered life-changing injuries in the name of loyalty to America. It is ... Read more

2019 Military to the Mountain Highlight | Will Sandell

2019 Military to the Mountain Highlight | Will Sandell Retired after serving in the US Army from 1985-1994, William (Will) Sandell brought continuous smiles and laughter to the 2019 High Fives Military to the Mountain (M2M) Program. Prior to a week on the hill at Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows from March 17-23, Veteran’s participating in the M2M Program … Read more